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The Mystery of th Fingerprints Chapters 3 and 4 TG
Chapter 3
As I waited for the cops I began to look at the room more carefully. I had to figure out how the body ended up in the vent. Could someone have gotten a ladder in and out of the building without anyone knowing? Considering how stoned people are around here that might actually be possible. But still it would be difficult. What if they stacked found items up? Then they could just bury them in the garbage that seems pervasive in this room. But could they find items that are strong enough to support the weight of two people. And on that subject…the murderer must have been at least somewhat strong to be able to life a body into the air vent and jam it in there.
I walked around the room but mostly the room seemed to be filled with garbage and old furniture. There were dressers missing drawers. Some of the tables that had missing legs had replacements made of found items like golf clubs or baseball bats. One card table had a leg that was made of welded together soda and beer ca
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For Love of the Cake Chapter 15 TG-GB
As we laid out a more detailed plan we began to all feel more confident. Cornering Jessica’s grandmother seemed like it was our best shot. If not we would die horribly and it wouldn’t matter anyways.
“We need some kind of leverage,” said Tim. “Maybe we should set up some kind of timed e-mail or something that sends out information about magic to everyone on the internet if we don’t shut it off…you know like in the movies.”
I shook my head, smiling. “As much as I love a good movie plan does anyone here actually have the ability to do something like that,” I asked.
No one spoke up.
“Well let’s just go with our initial plan to fake it,” said Natalie. “Should we leave tomorrow or wait a few days to rest up?”
“I don’t think that we should put my family in anymore danger,” I said. “We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”
“You’re the boss,” said Yolanda.
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For Love of the Cake Ch. 14 TG-GB
Chapter 14
Before I could formulate any kind of plan we were outside the gates of my childhood home. I stood at the call box outside the gate. Waiting to press the button knowing there were cameras on me and my friends. Someone was always watching. I was stalling. I stood there with my finger outstretched, hovering an inch from the button.
“Tom Wolfe says you can’t go home again,” said Tim.
“Shut up, Tim,” I responded.
“Well just get this over with,” said Yolanda. “What’s the worst that can happen? They call the cops and we are easily found by our pursuers.”
“That sounds pretty bad to me,” Natalie said.
“Just hit the damn button,” said Jessica.
I pressed the button and it buzzed.
“Hello,” a voice said. “We were wondering when you were going to press the button. What is it you want?”
“Tell your boss that Edgar has come home.”
I held my breath. Everyone held their breat
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The Mystery of the Fingerprints Chapters 1 and 2
Chapter One
I sat at my desk waiting for my client. Ok Sally Kruger, 38, says her husband has been missing four months now, I thought going over my notes from our talk on the phone. She doesn’t know where he went. Says he wouldn’t cheat. Ha! What a saint this guy must have been. If you aren’t careful you’ll get cynical in this town. If you aren’t cynical in this town you won’t make it very far. His car was found at an address half way across the city. It was only found because a dead woman had been found on the top floor of the next door apartment building. They ran the plates in the area and got a hit from his car. Just not for the murder of the woman. Curious…could he have been involved? Coincidence? Maybe…but doubtful. Missing guy’s car next to a building with a dead woman inside? Sounds like something went wrong and he panicked and skipped town. Can’t make that assumption though. Missing person is Alvin Kruger,
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Mysterious Union TG Chapter 4
We walked into the door. It was a common area where both boys and girls were present. All grouped off in their little cliques. Cliques are always a good sign. Nothing says friendly like the invisible walls they put up between people. There were two corridors on the left and right sides of the spacious room.
“This is obviously a common room for everyone to gather in,” said my guide. “On the left are the rooms for dudes and so obviously you’ll be staying in a room in the right hallway. I’m not sure which one yet though. Other teams are in other parts of the complex but we don’t know where."
“Oh, a complex is it? That’s just one step down from compound,” I said. “And we all know how much cults love those.”
He laughed again. “This isn’t a cult. We are educating ourselves to create a better future. You know how it is out there. The world is being polluted and wars are rampant. We need to protect what is ours and e
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Mysterious Union Chapter 3
I’m not sure how long the flight took. I slept most of the time. Not much else to do really. I didn’t have a watch either so that made it difficult to really keep track. Some food would have been nice too once I got tired of sleeping but there didn’t seem to be any flight attendants. I pressed my button anyways hoping someone would come. Someone did come. The woman who wasn’t too happy before.
“Why am I not surprised,” she asked no one in particular.
“Because you’ve been jaded by your years on the job I expect,” I said in response. “Now if you would be so kind to take my order.”
“Your order?”
“Sure this is an airplane, right? In-flight meals are a part of the deal.”
I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to antagonize these people. But it seems to be in my nature to cause people trouble. I can just sense what’s going to set a person off.  And if you have a talent like that what better
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Somebody's watching me :iconon2xsecretprobation:On2XSecretProbation 4 2 Guilty as Charged :iconon2xsecretprobation:On2XSecretProbation 1 2 A Season without Joy :iconon2xsecretprobation:On2XSecretProbation 1 0
Sanctuary 1
At least they left me my coat, I thought deciding to look on the bright side of my situation.  And my pants. Rather nice of them after taking my horse, water, provisions, and my guns. I made my way across the hot dust bowl I call home. The glorious American West. "Go West, young man," they once said. My bare feet blistered, cracked, and broken scraped along the sand, rocks, and all the plant and animals leavings the desert had to offer.  I could see a town in the distance. I prayed it wasn’t a mirage. Ain’t sure how much more blood I have left to water the ground.
As I got closer to the town, I decided it was real. I sized it up.  I’ve been to a lot of towns. The world is full of them. Some are large and some are small. This one was somewhere in between.  It was expanding. You could see the frames for houses and other buildings that were being built. Finally I made it into the town proper. It was early so there were few people on the
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For Love of the Cake Chapter 13 TG
The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Yolanda’s wrinkled face frowning at me.
“Alright kid?”
“What happened to me?”
“Side effect of the spell I did on you earlier I suspect. People react differently at different times. The adrenaline from all of that action probably delayed the effect. You’re exhausted.”
I could tell we were still in an erratically moving car. I had somehow been moved to the back and was slumped over facing Yolanda.
“How long was I out?”
“A few seconds, I guess,” said Natalie.
“Felt more like a few months,” I said as I moved to the only empty seat. If you were behind the car I was on the left most side.
“You were about to tell me where we were supposed to go,” said Jessica.
“And we really need some place to go,” added Tim who now occupied my former seat up front.
“How did I get back here,” I asked.
“Magic,” said everyone else at
:iconon2xsecretprobation:On2XSecretProbation 5 10
For Love of the Cake Ch 12 TG
We came out of the back door of the shop on to an empty alley way. We turned left which was the closest way to the street.
“Well shit, boy and girls-“
“Really,” I interrupted Yolanda.
“Shut up you are one now. We’re not really going to get far on foot.”
“Yeah and you’ve got another problem too,” said a large man in combat gear now blocking our path. “The others will be along soon. Let’s go quietly and none of you little ladies will get hurt.”
“Uh I’m here too, dude,” said Tim.
The larger man shrugged. “I couldn’t tell,” he said with a wicked grin.
“Yeah well tell your ass it’s about to get kicked,” I shouted as I began to run towards him.
“Bad joke,” yell Natalie after me.
I stopped in front of him and quickly threw a punch. It felt weak and the man dodged it and pushed me backwards despite my strong footing.
“I don’t think so,
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Mysterious Union Part 2 TG
The car ride was not exactly fun. I spent most of it looking out of the window trying in vain to remember how I had gotten into this situation. I remembered going to sleep the night before. I’d gone to work and had dinner with my family before that. I remembered eating steak. I just don’t know how I could go to bed as a man and wake up as a girl. Maybe I should go with aliens as my explanation until I find a better solution.  I really hope this is all a dream. Please be a dream.
“Emily,” said the woman.  I turned my head to look.
“I know you aren’t happy about this change but you know how important your father’s job is.”
“Sure,” I said but couldn’t help narrowing my eyes in a what-are-you-talking-about way.
“Maybe after things get settled down we can send for you. But until we get settled in…well you’re going to be better off in the US.”
“I get that,” I said playing a
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Rain Vol 1 :iconon2xsecretprobation:On2XSecretProbation 2 0
For Love of the Cake Ch 11 TG
I felt shaken. We'd come all this way…alright fine it was only a few miles but when you consider I traveled to completely different gender I think it's ok for me to be a little taken aback by his comments. Suddenly a voice came from the back of the store.
"Tim? What's going on out there," asked the voice which sounded like it came from an old phonograph which had smoked too many cigarettes.
"Nothing. I'm taking care of it. Don't trouble yourself," said the man making a shooing motion at us as he did so.
"Nothing, eh? I'll be the judge of that."
"Look girl," Tim said addressing me.
"I'm not a-" I started to say but he rudely cut me off.
"You seem like you're cute and all but I can't have my grandmother mixed up in your…well whatever you're mixed up in. You never should have brought her here, Nat. She's going to bring a world of trouble down on an old woman who just wants to left alone."
A coughing laugh came from behind him. "An old woman am I? Shut yer yap Tim or I'll shut it for you.
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Mature content
Mysterious Union Part 1 TG :iconon2xsecretprobation:On2XSecretProbation 12 16

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Hi, I like to write, take pictures, and on very rare occasions draw terribly.

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my work. I do want to hone my craft after all.

I am available for freelance writing or even photography.

Feel free to drop me a line anytime! I love talking about all kinds of things and I love hearing other people's perspectives!
Well it's a new year and I've truly been trying to be a new me. I'm trying to cut out a lot of clutter that is preventing me from getting what I want out of life including but not limited to mental clutter that has been clogging up my brain for a long, long time. I've been trying to eat healthier for a while now and I'm hoping to continue that trend into 2017. Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of all my junk food and candy! I'm just eating less of it and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. My one problem area is exercise but I'm trying to start that just might take a while to make it a habit rather than a once in a while kind of thing. I'm also trying to apply for new jobs but it isn't going as well as I would like...maybe I just feel that way because I got a rejection in record time the other day and I'm a little hurt by that. I mean I know not to take this stuff personally but when you are rejected in less than 6 hours that kind of stings a little more than not hearing anything at all.

I've set some wheels in motion that will hopefully be important to my future. I've purchased almost all of the equipment I need to make a serious go at becoming a voice over artist. I've also begun the process of getting my first book out there for publishers. I'm getting query letters ready and I'm going to do my best! I hope I can make a career out of one of these things or, ideally, both of them. I need to do something with the rest of my life that isn't making boxes which is part of what I do right now unfortunately.

I had plans to travel last year but they just didn't work out...and I'm a little worried that any plans I make to travel this year I worry won't work either. I really feel like going somewhere warm though...winter isn't an agreeable season for me. I get the winter blues for sure. Oh well, if I need to shift my money else where then I have to shift it else where. Car payments need to be made too. We can't always have what we want (especially on my pay).

But things are looking up overall and I've got lots of stuff to look forward to even if not everything takes least I'm going to try! The act of going for it is what is important.

Let's all support each others' attempts and help each other get up when we fall. Maybe things will be less scary than they've been seeming lately.
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  • Watching: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
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  • Eating: Hot Pockets
  • Drinking: Water...just plain old water.

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