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I’m not sure how long the flight took. I slept most of the time. Not much else to do really. I didn’t have a watch either so that made it difficult to really keep track. Some food would have been nice too once I got tired of sleeping but there didn’t seem to be any flight attendants. I pressed my button anyways hoping someone would come. Someone did come. The woman who wasn’t too happy before.

“Why am I not surprised,” she asked no one in particular.

“Because you’ve been jaded by your years on the job I expect,” I said in response. “Now if you would be so kind to take my order.”

“Your order?”

“Sure this is an airplane, right? In-flight meals are a part of the deal.”
I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to antagonize these people. But it seems to be in my nature to cause people trouble. I can just sense what’s going to set a person off.  And if you have a talent like that what better time to use it, right?

“Listen to me you little shit,” she said barely controlling her anger. “I am not here to serve you soda and peanuts. One more of your little pranks and you will live to regret it.”

“Oh no! What’s going to happen,” I asked my voice soaked in sarcasm. I really was enjoying my new voice in this respect. Scorn and mocking tasted like glazed ham when I spoke.

“We can make your stay at our school very…uncomfortable.”

“Well, I imagine there might be some laws about that.”

“You’d think so,” she said getting very close to me now. “But who are they going to believe me or some punk kid?”

“I suppose it depends on who’s doing the listening,” I said now a little more hesitant.

“This is an interesting attitude to take towards education.”

“I’m not a teacher.”

“Well I sure have learned something.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Sure, the service on this airline is lousy. I won’t be taking another trip with your company I can tell you that!”

“Kid, just shut up, please.”

We landed not long after that. The plane had landed on a runway in the middle of the woods. Well, the trees were far away from anything flammable like the engines and whatnot for obvious reasons but the whole place was surrounded by trees. I considered making some kind of reference to LOST. You remember when they were building that runway, right? Well I couldn’t come up with anything good. They can’t all be winners.  But I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.We stepped off the plane using a stair car. We’re greeted by a few of the teachers.

“Welcome to your new home ladies and gentlemen, “one of them said to us. “I am Ms. Hackett and I am the principal here at the school. We have great expectations of you. ”

“You’re going to be disappointed…” I mumbled under my breath in a sing-song voice.

“Why don’t we go in to the auditorium for your orientation,” she continued. She said it in a way that suggested it wasn’t a request.

So everyone silently piled into the large auditorium. It wasn’t a large space. We were only the most recent class. There was plenty of space for other students should the need arise. We filed into seats and waited for what came next.
After we all sat down Ms. Hackett reappeared. She stood behind a wooden podium. Just as she began speaking I heard a whisper in my ear.

“Well, well, what have we here? Don’t turn around! We wouldn’t want to cause a scene. You might have bested me before but now we are here and can't escape. And we are clearly trapped. You have sensed it too. They have brought us all here for a reason. Shall we play our game again while everyone around us plays their own games? You don’t have to answer now. I’ll be around.”

I turned around as soon as the whisper stopped. I saw an empty chair. The two people on either side were looking intently at the stage. Their eyes didn’t even flicker towards me.  I turned back and began to listen to our instructions. I couldn’t do anything else about the Whisperer right now, right? The speech was just finishing up.

“You will be put into different housing sections based on colors. We will tell you which ones to go to and then you will have further instruction. Now, I hope that we will all have an enjoyable and productive school year. My Vice Principal will read your names and you will go to the teachers he indicates. Finally, I hope that I won’t have to see any of you for disciplinary reasons. Have a good day.”

I probably got all the information I needed, right, I asked myself. Probably, I decided.
I waited. I suddenly realized that I didn’t know my last name. Actually I couldn’t remember my name from before I was in this body. But I also didn’t know this body’s last name.  

“Are you Emily,” asked someone next to me.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said.

“Well they’ve been calling you. Abbot right?”

“Oh, well I guess I just drifted off in thought.”

“Well they sent you to that guy with the beard over there,” the other girl said pointing towards a middle aged man with a greying beard. I got up. The chair’s seat slammed when I did echoing in a silent hall. Everyone watched me. I walked up the aisle toward the man.

“Don’t be afraid, “ he said to me in a voice I suppose was trying to be reassuring. “It’ll be rough at first, but you’ll get used to it”

“I’m not afraid,” I said trying to push the fear out of my mind.

“You will be. You will be,” he said in a passable Yoda impression.

I chuckled at that. “Ok so what am I supposed to do? Where do I go?”

“Ah now that is the question we must ask ourselves every day,” he responded smiling. I felt like it was the kind of answer I would have given to the same question in my previous life. Just a brief flash.

“I mean right now. In this building. At this very time. That woman on stage said you would tell me where to go.”

“Ah well I suppose it would be a good idea to keep things moving. There’s some colored lines right outside that door. Follow the yellow one and you’ll get to the area to which you have been assigned.”

“Yeah, thanks,” I grumbled. I walked out of the hall.

I found the yellow line and I began following it down a corridor. As large as this place seemed from the outside, there seemed to be a lot of it underground as well. That’s where this corridor seemed to be leading me. The color of madness, I thought to myself.  I could see someone at the end of the corridor. I walked faster to reach the end.

“Hello,” shouted the person at the other end as I got closer.  “You must be one of the new recruits. Welcome to the Yellow barracks. Don’t bother making any coward jokes we’ve heard them all before."

“I wasn’t thinking about it that way but now you have me worried,” I said. “What’s with all the military lingo anyways? Barracks and so forth.” I could see now that I was close was a man. He was taller than I was which was still weird for me.

“Oh well don’t worry we aren’t actually cowards. We are about middle of the pack compared to the other teams.”
“Hang on, hang on. What teams are you talking about? The folks that were sent down the other corridors? Teams? What?”
“Do you not know what’s going on here?”
“Nope I woke up this morning in a new body. Ordinarily, I’m a man in my twenties. At least I think I am. What ever happened to me caused me to lose most of my actual memories.”

He stared at me for a moment. Then he laughed.
“You almost had me there, Emily,” he said. “Now let me show you the ropes.”
This one took a while. I hope people like the direction I'm going in.

I've been focusing on other projects for a while now but this chapter was some fun to do in between.

I actually finished writing it because during a conversation with majorkerina I sort of got a spark for a new direction. It was also around her birthday at the so this one is for her!

Please let me know if you all like this.
Kinggigasmon Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, spooky and foreboding!
On2XSecretProbation Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I hope so...I do have more ideas for the if only I could sit down and write them out...
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