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We came out of the back door of the shop on to an empty alley way. We turned left which was the closest way to the street.

“Well shit, boy and girls-“

“Really,” I interrupted Yolanda.

“Shut up you are one now. We’re not really going to get far on foot.”

“Yeah and you’ve got another problem too,” said a large man in combat gear now blocking our path. “The others will be along soon. Let’s go quietly and none of you little ladies will get hurt.”

“Uh I’m here too, dude,” said Tim.

The larger man shrugged. “I couldn’t tell,” he said with a wicked grin.

“Yeah well tell your ass it’s about to get kicked,” I shouted as I began to run towards him.

“Bad joke,” yell Natalie after me.
I stopped in front of him and quickly threw a punch. It felt weak and the man dodged it and pushed me backwards despite my strong footing.

“I don’t think so,” he said shaking his head.

I was about to get up and try to hit him again when he was hit by a car. The very car we arrived in as a matter of fact. He flew into a pile of garbage bags and hit his head on the dumpster next to them. The clang was the only sound besides the hum of the car’s engine. The seeming silence of the city was deafening. Then our savior stuck her head out of the driver’s side window and shouted, “What are you waiting for?!”

After we piled into the car she pulled out of the alley way and back down the road.

“Why’d you come back,” I asked riding shotgun.

“Because I’m sick of what they do and you guys seemed like you needed the help.”

“Well thanks,” I said. “I was about out of options especially since now I’ve lost all my training and reflexes it seems. Plus my strength.”

“Well at least you have your health,” deadpanned Jessica.

I was too tired to laugh.

“You young people have any idea about where we can go to? I’m not up to all this running around anymore. My time for all that was decades ago,” asked Yolanda.

We were all silent. None of us had any ideas.

“We’ve got another problem,” said Natalie who was turned around in her seat.
Jessica glanced at the rearview mirror. “Crap,” she commented on the three cars following them.

“Does anyone have any weapons? Some way to defend ourselves,” asked Tim.

“It might be down to you and me, kid,” said Yolanda.

“We probably shouldn’t have an all out brawl slash car chase in the middle of Manhattan,” I said.

“Especially since my family would probably be in control of any cops unlucky enough to stumble on to our little skirmish,” commented Jessica. At that exact moment we heard a gunshot behind us and heard a bullet hit the trunk. Every one ducked except Jessica who began trying to serpentine the car. She turned right and we were headed back uptown.

“They’re still with us,” said Natalie.

“Not for long,” said Tim cracking his knuckles.

“Just keep your aim straight, kid,” advised Yolanda.

He stuck his upper body out of a window and pointed at the closest car. I turned around to watch his progress. Suddenly the hubcap came off of one of the front tires followed by several of the nuts.

“Don’t show off ya damn fool,” shouted Yolanda.

“Fine,” sighed Tim. The tire suddenly popped off and the car stopped. The bullets did not. I ducked down when the bullets shattered the back window.

“Get back in here,” yelled Yolanda as she pulled her grandson inside. Jessica swerved to avoid the curb and by association the people standing on the sidewalk. I was tossed to the left as a result. I heard Natalie’s grunt of pain from behind me.

“We’re going to have to come up with a plan here,” she said. “If we don’t get shot, I have a feeling these guys might have other ways of ending our little trip.”
I knew where we should probably go…but I wasn’t going to like it.

“We might be safe at my parents’ house,” I said. My throat had suddenly gone dry.

“Oh yeah,” asked Yolanda. “Do your parents live in some kind of military compound?”

I swallowed. Almost gulped really. “Something like that…” I let that idea hang in the air.

“What the hell, right,” shrugged Tim.

A shot slammed into the right side rearview mirror. As in the one next to me. “Shit,” I shouted.

“How are you going to convince them you are, well, you,” asked Natalie.

“I’m not worried about that so much as number one getting there and number two the fact that I wasn’t exactly on the best of terms with my family when I last saw them. We’re going to have to leave Manhattan.”

“Impossible,” said Jessica. “I told you they’re watching all the ways out. If they don’t get you right away they’ll get you before long.”

I smiled. “Not if you’re our hostage.”

She nodded understanding what I was getting at. “They’ll probably let us through if you all were forcing me.”

“Exactly,” I said.

“Not a bad plan,” said Yolanda as another shot rang out from behind us. “Provided we can make it past the next cross street that is.”

“We’ll make it farther than that I’m sure,” I said.

“Are you sure you don’t mean ‘further,’” asked Natalie.

“Wait, what’s the difference,” asked Tim.

“Who cares,” exclaimed Yolanda looking to our left where one of the pursuing vehicles had appeared. “We’ve got a bigger problem now.” She pointed at a man leaning out of the now too close for comfort automobile. He held a machine gun in his hand and was ready to pour hot lead into our direction. Suddenly he dropped the gun and the car ran over it which blew out the tire and sent them spinning and flipping into the oncoming lane which was blessedly free of traffic. Yolanda blew on her finger like it was the smoking barrel of a gun.

“Sometimes the simple hotfoot does the trick, boy,” she said to her grandson.

“Hot hand in this case I think,” said Natalie with a giggle of nervous energy before Tim could respond.

“We need to get further north before deciding which route to take to my family’s house,” I said trying to keep us focused. I could already tell focus was going to be tough with this group.

“How far,” asked Jessica. I thought I heard another distant shot behind us.

“You have to get back to…” my vision suddenly blurred and my world went black.
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I love a good car chase,it's been a long time,but worth it.good work!
On2XSecretProbation Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer has been...interesting lately...not always in the best ways.
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